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It's official: I'm writing another book!

June 29, 2019

More details coming soon...

Override in Chinese!

December 12, 2018

Override in Chinese has finally hit the shelves! I especially love the funky black cover - even though, as a friend pointed out, unlike the UK version, it doesn't feature a profile of my actual nose...

Host: New Scientist Instant Expert. The Scientific Guide to a Better You

October 26, 2018

Join six leading experts at this one-day masterclass as they give you the tools you need to put the latest discoveries to use. Learn what to eat and avoid for optimum health – and how and when to exercise to get the biggest bang for your buck. Learn how to fine-tune your brain to beat negative thinking and be your best self, and how to sleep like an expert. And, crucially, find out how to muster the motivation to make good choices and stick to them in the long run.

Speaker: Psychology in Action: Power of the Mind (London / Warwick)

November 20, 2018

Power of the Mind is a wide-ranging programme examining the theories and applications of psychology in the modern world. Aimed at GCSE and A'Level students. 

20th November: Emmanuel Centre, London

27th November: University of Warwick

Host: Minds, Madness and Medicine. How the Light Gets in Festival, Hay

May 27, 2018

Can neuroscience help us to diagnose and treat mental illness?  Or is it a mistake to think that biological accounts of mental illness will ever provide the answers?

Join me to debate this and more with Lucy Johnstone, author of Users and Abusers of Psychiatry, psychiatrist David Nutt, and The Antidepressant Era author David Healy.

US Launch Day! My Plastic Brain

March 13, 2018

Available now in all good bookshops and online.

Host: New Scientist Instant Expert, Mental Health

April 14, 2018

What can science tell us about how to prevent, and treat mental illness and to stay mentally healthy in a stressful world? Join me and a panel of experts to find out about latest research on mental wellbeing.

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Selected past events

TEDx Edinburgh Napier: Pimp my brain

How neuroscientists zapped my brain to tame my wandering mind

Conference talk: The Creative Brain and How to Use it

​​​What happens in our brains when we combine existing ideas to create something entirely new? And can we make good ideas more likely to strike? 

The science of boredom

Charterhouse School, Surrey UK

Why boredom is more stimulating than you think, and how to use it to your advantage.

Override: Ways with Words Book Festival

Dartington, Devon, UK

Changing my mind: A journey into what neuroscience can really do for us

Can you retrain your brain (with neuroscientists Heidi Johansen Berg, Martijn van den Heuvel and Ben Martynoga)

Cheltenham Science Festival 2017

What is the truth behind the brain training industry, and can we really make meaningful changes to our brains? 

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