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Move Shortlisted! 

Move! has been shortlisted in the Sports Book of the Year 2022 in the Sports Performance category. 

To say I am excited to be among such illustrious company would be an understatement!


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Selected past events

TEDx Edinburgh Napier: Pimp my brain

How neuroscientists zapped my brain to tame my wandering mind

Conference talk: The Creative Brain and How to Use it

​​​What happens in our brains when we combine existing ideas to create something entirely new? And can we make good ideas more likely to strike? 

The science of boredom

Charterhouse School, Surrey UK

Why boredom is more stimulating than you think, and how to use it to your advantage.

Override: Ways with Words Book Festival

Dartington, Devon, UK

Changing my mind: A journey into what neuroscience can really do for us

Can you retrain your brain (with neuroscientists Heidi Johansen Berg, Martijn van den Heuvel and Ben Martynoga)

Cheltenham Science Festival 2017

What is the truth behind the brain training industry, and can we really make meaningful changes to our brains? 

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