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I am a UK-based science writer with 20 years’ experience in magazine and radio journalism.

I write regularly for New Scientist magazine, where I also spent several happy years in-house as a feature editor, working mostly on neuroscience, health and nature-based stories. My work has also appeared in the Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, BBC Future, BBC Earth and the Boston Globe.  ​

I am the author of two books: Move! (Profile / Hanover Square Press) and Override (published as My Plastic Brain in the US), and the editor of two of New Scientist’s Instant Expert Guides: How Your Brain Works: Inside the most complicated object in the known universe (John Murray, 2017) and Your Conscious Mind: Unravelling the greatest mystery of the human brain (John Murray, 2017).

I like talking almost as much as I like writing, and over the years have produced and presented radio programmes and reports for the BBC, across Science, Natural History and Children’s Radio. I was also the regular co-presenter of the New Scientist podcast, along with Ivan Semeniuk, between 2006 and 2010.

My aim – and the reason I love what I do – is to learn new and exciting things and share them in the most entertaining way I can think of.

And, when I’m not doing that, I’m usually walking the dog.

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