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We are getting worse at keeping our balance. Here's why it matters for our mental and physical health and what we can do about it.


Can You Rewire Your Brain? Maybe. (It’s Tricky. Be Careful.) A self-help skeptic is confronted with evidence — anecdotal and scientific — that we may be able to think ourselves into a better place.

Fasting power?

Fasting diets are getting ever more popular, amid promises of weight loss and better health, but does the science stand up?

There are 4 types of flow

Struggling to get into "the zone"? That might be because there's more than one...

How science fixed my wandering mind

How science fixed my wandering mind Could a stint in a Boston lab change my brain? I was willing to find out.

Stress and the inflammation epidemic

Stress, obesity and poor diet trigger persistent inflammation, which can lead to heart disease and depression. We’re finally working out how to fight it

Taming the black dog

Could depression be a result of inflammation caused by the body’s immune system?

The mind, a user's guide

The human mind is the most complex information processing system we know. We asked neuroscientists to explain how to use it to the max.

Colour night vision

Humans may only see the night in shades of grey, but many animals see the darkness in rich colour

Harness your wandering mind

Daydreaming need not be the enemy of focus. Learn to do it right and you could reap the benefits from more successful revision to more motivation

Dolphin minds

Behind the smile: What dolphins really think

Holes in your brain make you smart

A map of the brain’s wiring reveals the spaces may be just as important as the connections – and you have the holes to thank for your most impressive mental feats

Are you nicer than a child?

It’s commonly held that young children are, well, selfish, but as Caroline Williams discovers, they are often kinder than adults.

Meditation: what kind you do matters

Different meditation types train different parts of your brain

The people who can see time

For some the year is a C stretching out in front of them, for others it’s a hula hoop. The ways some people visualise calendars could shed light on memory itself

A beautiful mind

Octopuses’ astonishing mental skills might help us unearth the roots of intelligence – but first we need to understand what makes them so smart

Health myths: don't swallow them

We are constantly being bombarded with health advice, but not all of it is based on rigorous evidence. New Scientist debunks six common myths

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