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Shortlisted for the The Sunday Times Sports Book Awards 2022
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Why Move? 

As a species we have ground to a halt. On average, we now spend 70% of our time sitting or lying around.

This isn't only bad for our bodies: it has also been linked to falling IQs and an epidemic of mental ill health. 
We just weren't born to be still.
In Move! Caroline Williams explores the emerging science of how movement opens up a hotline to our minds. Interviewing Nobel prize winning scientists, yoga gurus and practitioners of all kinds of movement, she reveals: 
  • How core strength is linked to stress control
  • Why stretching tackles the mood-sapping effects of an overactive immune system
  • What dance can do for our emotional literacy.
  • Why physical strength translates into emotional resilience.
  • And more...

“Williams writes in a familiar, dinner-party style, delighting guests with tales of her exploits….

New York Times Book Review

"It can be difficult to find quality [self-help] works within the sea of quantity . . . Williams strikes a home run in this brilliantly written and expertly researched book."


"Williams reveals a more nuanced understanding of how our brains really work that is both empowering and insightful."

The Irish Times

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