"Williams reveals a more nuanced understanding of how our brains really work that is both empowering and insightful."

The Irish Times

“Williams writes in a familiar, dinner-party style, delighting guests with tales of her exploits….

New York Times Book Review

"It can be difficult to find quality [self-help] works within the sea of quantity . . . Williams strikes a home run in this brilliantly written and expertly researched book."


Can  you really rewire an adult brain?


OVERRIDE (UK and Australia) / MY PLASTIC BRAIN (US and Canada) chronicles Caroline Williams’s year-long mission to find out. 


​Visiting the labs of top neuroscientists and volunteering herself as a guinea pig in neuroscience studies, she challenges researchers to make real world changes to her own brain. 

Trying methods from high-tech electrical brain stimulation to the ancient art of meditation, she finds out what, if anything, neuroscience can do for us.

*NB Don't buy both! This is the same book, just with different covers in different regions

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